3 Things to Consider for Your Hotel Signage System


Understanding the signage requirements in an environment such as a hotel is key to creating a successful system. Not to mention that the hotel signage ideas and system need to be crafted in a manner that makes them a seamless part of the interior design. To learn more, keep reading for three things to consider for your hotel signage system.

1. Focus on a hotel signage strategy

Generally, in a hotel, you are going to want your digital signage systems to be overseen by an IT expert who can look after the software aspect of your digital signage solution (in other words, how you get the content up onto the screen).

By having a cloud-based digital signage software system, your IT expert can manage all of the necessary material from their laptop – no matter where they are. This design ensures that you can easily and quickly refresh content, remove playlists, update schedules, and whatever else you need to do to so that your content doesn’t become stale.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of content you can display throughout your hotel. On some screens, you may opt to create visual social media dashboards where your best content from across the platforms is displayed, while on the other ones you may want to have weather apps and news headlines to accommodate your visitors.

In your hotel restaurant, have a digital menu board, and in the cocktail bar have a running photo playlist to set the mood.

2. Get creative with your displays

When it comes to hotel signage design, you certainly want to get creative with your displays. Although, and quite reasonably, the most important of all information to display relates to navigation and easy wayfinding.

However, you want to get creative with how you present this information and look to include features such as interactive maps, QR codes, or maybe even the option of texts for continued assistance.

Customized messaging can also be displayed as there is indeed power in personalization. Perhaps you want to show appreciation for a specific reason or wish to communicate with a large group of guests. This kind of attention to detail is what makes a good hotel, a great one.

3. Use your hotel signage system to enhance the guest experience

One of the most crucial benefits of digital hotel signage is that (when appropriately designed) it can significantly enhance the guest experience.

Gone are the days when you were confined to utilizing static, passive signage that nobody paid attention to; instead, now you can connect with your guests through these interactive and digital screens.

You may want to place these screens in your lobby or in elevators, guest suites, entrances and exits, corridors, and conference halls. In other words, wherever you think that these screens can engage with guests, and make their stay more pleasant.

For example, digital hotel signage in your lobby can streamline the check-in process by showing maps that lead guests in the right direction or by collecting their information for expedited check-in.

Alternatively, it can get them excited for their upcoming stay by displaying high-quality photography of the property or keep them entertained with amusing content while they wait. This is just one example, but there are a variety of ways to utilize digital hotel signage to make the time guests spend with your establishment more welcoming and entertaining, as well as enhancing their experience overall.

These are just a couple of things to examine when looking to integrate digital signage into your hotel. However, as the best digital signage company in Dubai will tell you, almost anything is possible when it comes to digital signage. After all, the most compelling aspect of digital signage is that it is customizable to satisfy every hotel’s individual needs, wants, and branding goals.

For this reason, by choosing to welcome digital signage into your hotel, you are taking great control over how you can connect with your guests and what experience you are creating for them.

AUTHOR BIO  :- Zak Zakaria is a Waymaker at dezigntechnic in Dubai who also previously worked as the company’s Graphic Designer and Art Director. Zak is a creative with work experience in multiple multinational agencies such as JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi. Signage design is a family business, making Zak’s personal experience with signage his longest professional commitment.