4 Things to Avoid when Booking a Hotel in Ouray, CO


When planning a trip, booking a hotel room is probably the most important step you will ever take. A flight is just flight which you cannot have any control on, the same goes with the rental cars as well. But a trip can be easily ruined if you have a small, ugly, stinky and a poorly located hotel room with no internet and a lousy view and a broken TV. You have paid for the hotel and it must be worth for what you are paying. Hence, avoid these mistakes when you book a hotel.

  1. Not check the reviews online before you book a hotel

Know about the hotel as much as possible to gain an idea on how the hotel is going to be. Always do your due diligence when it comes to the hotel. These people may help you with what the hotel gains and lacks and help you make the best possible decision. The hotel may be noisy, have lousy food, weak or no Wi-Fi at all etc. But you may find many good things as well. Many hotels provide a bike rental service as well. This is how you can save money on getting car rentals and public transportation as well. Know more about our hotel at ouraychaletinn.com.

  1. Not verifying if the hotel has complementary airport shuttle as well

Many people love using public transportation when traveling. But many don’t prefer traveling by public transportation to the airport by carrying heavy laden bags from a subway system to the city. Traveling to and from your hotel from cabs can be expensive, particularly when most airports are now near to the city center. When it comes to the costs of one hotel versus another, it may always be good to know if the airport offers a complimentary hotel shuttle or not.

  1. Forgetting to check parking costs and availability

If you are bringing your own car, you need to check the availability as well as the parking costs at the hotel. Even if the parking is available, it comes with a cost. If the hotel doesn’t have its own parking, then the cost may even be higher when using private lots and car getting dinged or broken into will always be a concern for you.


  1. Booking from elsewhere even if you are a program member of the hotel

This is applicable when you belong to a loyalty club and hotel points are awarded and added to your account. If you book through a third party, then these points aren’t added. This entails using famous booking sites, group bookings, travel agencies, conference rates etc.