Exploring Some Of The Best Trekking Points In Tibet


Besides being a place with unique landscape and mystical spiritualism, Tibet has attracted travelers across the world for several centuries as a famous trekking destination. Tibet has several trans-Himalayan mountain ranges with steep mountain peaks, mountainous terrain, and glacial lakes making it a paradise for trekking. One need not be an experienced hiker with mountaineering experience to enjoy the rugged wilderness. One who is fit and in good physical shape, can enjoy the world’s largest peaks. Moreover, the adventurers get a chance to come out of the modern civilization and mingle with the nomadic yak herders. Though there are plenty of trekking destinations in Tibet Tour, the most popular ones are discussed below.

  • Advanced Everest base camp trek

The advanced Everest base camp trek is known as the highest trek in the world for the high altitude. The camp is situated at a high altitude of 6500 m. The whole trek involves a very high elevation and very harsh weather making the trekking tour a challenging one. With this world class tour, the travelers enjoy incredible scenery and a rewarding sense of accomplishment after completing the trek around the world’s highest mountain.

  • Mount Kailash trek

Mount Kailash is considered as the most sacred mountain in Tibetan Himalayas having religious sentiments. This place mainly draws trekkers as pilgrims and trekking around it is mainly through the kora route. It takes approximately 4 days to trek around Mount Kailash and Manasarovar at an altitude of almost 5000 m. Though this trek is difficult and challenging, one can get a view of the mesmerizing scenery and the stunning nature.

  • Gyama valley trek

The Gyama valley is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the world. It is an extremely popular region because of the orchids, azaleas, numerous wildflowers as well as forested slopes at the lower elevations. The highest point in Gyama valley is Shauwala pass and the trekkers also get a view of Mount Everest from this valley. It is important to seek assistance from the Best Tibet Tour Agency  who knows the region well, as the area is remote and seldom visited.

  • Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek

This is a weeklong high elevation trek which begins at Tsurphu monastery and ends in the Yangpachen monastery. While trekking through this route, you can witness the serene alpine tundra, mountains and peaks, an ancient nunnery, several monasteries and also get a feel of the Tibetan plateau, the culture of the Drokpa, and semi-nomadic Tibetan herders.

  • Ganden to Samye trek

One of the most popular treks in Tibet is the Ganden to Samye trek which begins from Ganden monastery and ends in Samye monastery. This trek is of extreme importance from a religious perspective and the Buddhists make a pilgrimage to this site from across Tibet. In this trekking route, the trekkers come across beautiful alpine scenic views, various lakes, nomads, birds, and green meadows.

  • Shalu to Nartang trek

The best short trekking route in Tibet is Shalu to Nartang trek beginning from Shalu monastery and ending at Nartang monastery. One can witness various villages, monasteries, and uninhibited canyons on the way.

At the end

Set out for an interesting and adventurous journey with the best Tibet travel company and explore the land of snows!