It’s Time to Finally Discover What Makes Bucharest so Attractive Lately


If you have done with Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague then its time to discover something new. In today’s article, we will go to Bucharest, and what the entire Balkans call their own little Paris. Between the first and second World War, many of Bucharest’s architects and intellectuals went to Paris, loved what they saw and traveled back to build new buildings in their hometown with the same style. Along with older buildings, the Communist ex-dictator Ceaușescu concrete columns and new buildings at the city center, many go to Bucharest just to look at architecture, museums, and attractions.

The “Paris of Eastern Europe” Hides Many Attractive Sites

Thousands of demanding Bucharest stag do parties happen for a good reason in Romanian capital every weekend. Just as the visitors arrive they usually go straight from the airport to the Old Town. And the reason for that? Well its because that’s where the Bucharest happens! Strada Smârdan in the old town is Bucharest’s own “Amsterdam in small”. Hold on to the valuables and instead move on to one of the side streets. Once there you will find The Urbanist and several other hipster cafés and bars or treat yourself to cold drinks.

The local specialty is sarmale, is a variant of cabbage condiments with polenta and different varieties of filling and is best served for lunch at Caru’cu Bere. A couple of blocks away you melt the food with a coffee in very classy, ​​but – just like everything in Bucharest – incredibly cheap Grand Café Van Gogh. Paris never feels closer than when you are in Bucharest!

In the middle of the two places, you pick up the breath of beautiful, quietly-lit courtyard of the 18th-century Monastery of Manastirea Stavropoleos. For a charming dining experience, Beriah is located a little on the outskirts of town with a good bit of over 1,000 seats for Southeast Europe’s largest tavern under the open sky. When there are bad weather conditions, it is lucky that the beer hall indoors swallows over 1600 guests.

Lush Paradises That Will Simply Stun You

When Bucharest’s street environment screams more from the eastern state than Paris and the neighborhood is in a mixture of light gray limestone and gray concrete, it is fortunate that parks even exist. There are both large and small in the inner city or just outside of it. The morning walk is best if you choose one by the water, you will be able to pause at any of the cozy beach cafés. The Cismigiu park is the most beautiful, with a wonderful bridge as the tourists best selfie spot. Jump on a boat and pay a few dollars to take you to the other side of the water, or layout a little more to get some boat owner to drive you privately.

At the waterfront in the parks, there are also many restaurants and outdoor clubs. We suggest that you go to the exclusive, stylish and cool pub Biutiful by the Lake (it is spelled so) in the early evening for a drink. It’s a place that is best to visit after midnight just like most of the gorgeous and famous Bucharest cafes.

Looking for Shopping Opportunities?

The most famous of all places is Stradivarius mall with H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear and thousands of ugly handbags. But then we will give you tips on Cărturești Carousel. Five-storey mini-warehouse with books, vinyl records, gadgets, hand-picked local designers, wines and “rooftop restaurant with a view” at the very top. It is a must to visit this place if you are looking for a shopping opportunity! And yet another “must” would be when you hear that Romania is an organic agricultural land, so you should definitely go to market. The best is called Labor and stretches over several blocks. It is enough to just look, but it is also the place to find all the organic fruit, cheese, vegetables you didn’t know existed, local wines and drifts of junk food.

Residents That Will Quickly Win over Your Heart

The Romanian people are both friendly, accommodating and decent in English. You can hardly see any guards or police officers and most of the visitors are completely in agreement that Bucharest is very safe. Of course, just like at home, you avoid crowded alleys and dark places late at night. Get a Uber account before departure. The local taxi drivers are generally excluded so the Uber alternative can be a much better choice. A crowded and traffic jam Bucharest is more beautiful in the spring or perhaps even better in the fall than with up to 40 degrees during the high summer.

Nightlife Circles That Can’t Stop Growing

The named Strada Smârdan changes the shape to the worst kind of bar street directly from dusk until many small hours later. Imagine: gogo dancer, grab gang that shares three liters of beer on tap and Despacito on repeat. Either go there to giggle the full British spectacle or slip into any hole in the wall. The best thing is Soteria on the sign – description superfluous. Or take yourself to The Drunken Lords a couple of blocks up and unleash your inner rocker to live bands and guilty pleasures. Romania’s techno scene is one of Europe’s hottest and if you do your research and ask around you can get good tips on semi-public clubs and open airs. If you like to stick to electronic music, visit Control as the safest choice that we can recommend.