The Leela Palace, New Delhi: Come Home to Luxury


India has several five star luxury hotels spread across different states, and some of them are so exceptional that they are bound to make a mark on you. One such hotel is The Leela Palace, New Delhi. Among all other New Delhi hotels, the grandeur of this one is truly unmatched. It is one of the most prestigious properties having the best quality décor and an outstanding level of hospitality. This article will give you an idea about the exceptional qualities of this hotel and why you should choose it for a luxurious stay.

The only modern Palace Hotel in New Delhi

Featuring a spectacular décor that brings out the splendor of India, The Leela Palace, and New Delhi is truly an experience rather than just a hotel. The accomplished executive chef will curate special menus for you and wrap you in a cocoon of culinary comfort. The buttoned-up comfort of the rooms makes this hotel a contemporary and modern one with a traditional backdrop.

  • Bespoke Experiences

If you want an unforgettable spa experience and spend your weekend with a perfect Ayurvedic massage, this hotel has just the right thing for you. You can also spend your day lazily lounging by the pool and having some of the best cocktails. The hotel is also one of the best ones to come at with kids. 

  • Gracious Hospitality

India is the land of hospitality, and The Leela Palace is one of those five star hotels in New Delhi that will truly give you a taste of the best hospitality that you have ever experienced. The staff members are always there to work that extra mile for you to feel content and happy. 

  • Spacious Accommodations

Unlike most other New Delhi hotels, The Leela Palace will not let you feel cramped up for space even if you are travelling with your kids. The luxury suites are a serene haven of luxury along with enough floor space to move around. The exquisitely carved décor will remind you of the historically legendary designs present in palaces. 

  • Best Culinary Experience

The Leela Palace is one of the best five star hotels in New Delhi, and it serves cuisines from all parts of the world. You can also experience one of the most romantic dining experiences here on special request. 

  • Impeccable Cleanliness

The spotless sheets and outstandingly well-maintained bathrooms have given us special appreciations from the guests for being so much diligent with maintaining proper hygiene.

The Leela Palace, New Delhi will envelop you in serenity and peace, giving your fully equipped rooms some of which also have truly exceptional views.